Battle for Access to Medicines Takes Centre Stage at WHO

Originally published in The Wire. As the business of global health expands, inevitably the gatekeepers of international trade and investment have become important at World Health Organization (WHO) – the axis on which public health policy rests. Of the many policies that get formulated at WHO, discussions on the access to medicines including cost of…

WHO Priorities Likely to Be Constrained by Finances

Originally published in The Wire. Irrespective of all the ambitions for the future and earnest intentions to reform the administration, ultimately it will be financing that will dictate how far WHO can go.

WHO Gets to Work: 2018 a Litmus Test for New Team

Originally published in The Wire. Ambitious priorities, strained budgets and a changing political order dominate the World Health Organisation’s upcoming annual executive board meet in Geneva.  

WHO Report Flags Distortion of Investment and Innovation in Cancer Research

Originally published in The Wire. Geneva: High prices of cancer drugs hurting desperate patients have caught the attention of policymakers everywhere. But do high prices of medicines that provide huge financial returns to pharmaceutical companies also distort innovation? A new cancer report by World Health Organisation (WHO) has both countries and the pharma industry debating on…

A New Administration Settles in at the WHO

Originally published in The Wire. A new team and a new programme of work is being discussed at the WHO, but will the new director general engage with challenging issues or maintain status quo?

Self-Regulation Against Money Laundering in Art

PUBLISHED BY BILAN IN FRENCH IN JUNE 2017. Read here. Original English Version Below: SWISS ART MARKET FIGHTS MONEY LAUNDERING TAINT WITH A PUSH FOR SELF REGULATION Priti Patnaik, February 2017 One can easily overlook a discreet corner of Geneva Palexpo, a convention centre in the outskirts of this small city, especially on a chilly…