About Me

I am an independent journalist and a researcher working in Geneva, Switzerland. I am an optimist and  believe that journalism is worth fighting for. 

Like many aspiring young Indian reporters, I headed to New Delhi in the winter of 2003 and ended up working for pink papers.  After nearly five years of doing the rounds in Delhi’s corridors of power, (as is the wont of journalists in the capital), I decided to study further. Soon, I headed to New York University in late 2008 for a  masters’ program in Business & Economic Reporting to learn finance and long-form investigative writing. I worked in New York for two years, alongside University. I moved to Switzerland in 2010 and have since mostly been working as an independent journalist.

On winning a full scholarship, I finished another masters in Development Studies at The Graduate Institute in Geneva in 2013. I have worked at a trade law firm and at a UN public health organization here in Geneva.

In Switzerland, I have reported on issues related to global health, international trade and illicit financial flows. 

Alongside journalism, I also do short-term, custom research-based work on issues that further my understanding of international development.   

In India, I reported on public finance, India’s monetary policy and the financial sector, for the biggest pink papers in India, based out of Delhi. In New York, I reported on debt and bankruptcy in the immediate aftermath of the financial crises in different newsrooms.

I have a bachelors in science, in genetics, chemistry and microbiology from Osmania University, Hyderabad. I also have a bachelor’s degree in economics from a distance-learning program. I am trained in broadcast journalism from The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

I love reading, writing and traveling. I live in a small Swiss town  along Lake Leman with my husband and my son. 

Contact information:

  • I can be reached at: patnaik[dot]reporting[at]gmail[dot]com
  • I tweet here – @pretpat – mostly about Indian politics, global health and interesting work of other commentators.
  • linkedin: http://ch.linkedin.com/in/pritipatnaik

My work:

One thought on “About Me

  1. Stumbled upon your older article of 2016 about the Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty on The Wire. Interesting. Following you on Twitter. Hope to get interesting stuff and lot of learning.

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