Effect of the eurozone crisis on commodity trade finance: Bilan, Switzerland, February 1, 2012

Swiss banks could levy charges on deposits: Financial Express, August 2011

Demystifying Swiss Banking: Financial Express, June 2011

MICROFINANCE: Small lenders beat big crisis: Financial Express, July 2009


Will RBI take Fed & ECB route on road to inflation salvation? The Economic Times, April 2008

How derivatives were sold and bought . The Economic Times, May 2008

Interview: Stanley Fischer, Governor, Central Bank of Israel.  The Economic Times, February 2008

Interview: Raguram Rajan, former economist, IMF, Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Finance and the Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow, Chicago School of Business.  The Economic Times, January 2008

In realty, banks loath to cast off bad assets.  The Economic Times, November 2007

Out of the woods: Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI).  The Economic Times,June 2007

Infrastructure financing: Tapping funds – get the right mix of resources.  The Economic Times, January 2007


Is microinsurance merely to address loan default?  The Economic Times, November 2007

Public Liability Insurance: India.  The Economic Times, October 2007

Complex ULIPs no problem, opaqueness is.  The Economic Times, August 2007

Valuation of insurance companies: Insurers feel growth pains.  The Economic Times, June 2007

Higher FDI cap in insurance may have to wait.  The Economic Times, February 2007

IRDA’s test dose for belligerent insurers.  The Economic Times, January 2007


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