In you, we distrust. Analysis of what the Radia Tapes scandal shows about the Indian media. Published by The Hoot, January 2011

A lack of critical debate about India’s solar energy subsidies. Subsidy Watch, IISD. February 2011

Citizen journalism in India. Yojana: April 2009

People’s movements and democratic processes: The Economic Times, July 2009 

Right of way – Fighting for cab drivers in NYC: Profile – Biju Mathew. NYU Assignment, March 2009

Cityscapes: modern ruin & devastation: The Economic Times. June 2008

What will increased investments in the news business lead to? Published byThe Economic Times, March 2008

Gurus who make Gurubhais. An account of how the annual Union Budget of Indian government is made. The Economic Times, January 2008 

Do we need separation of powers? On judicial activism.The Economic Times, October 2007.

Marking your card as a fresh firebrand. Alternative Politics. The Economic Times, August 2007 

Saddam no more, Iraq faces uncertain future. The Economic Times, January 2007

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) professors on research, faculty appraisals and the status quo: Written during April 2004. (Self Published on my blog in 2011.)

  1. Ashish Ranjan Sahay says:

    Really impressed by the journey you have taken…from Microbiology to Finance researcher….simply awesome….would like to connect with you.

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