All gone down the black hole. A story on public expenditure in reviving sick government owned enterprises. December 2004

When closure is a better option. December 2004

Story on how a Japanese stockholder of India’s largest carmaker, violated foreign investment norms. The government then blocked the investment. September 2004

Interview A B Bardhan Should disinvestment ministry be scrapped? June 2004

Interview:  The rural rich should pay taxes: Nilotpal Basu. June 4, 2004

Lawyer swallows bitter PIL. Profile: Sandeep Parekh April 2004

IIMs’ one-man demolition squad: Profile V K Shunglu. May 2004

Fuelling a re-orientation challenge. Profile: Secretary, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India. December 2004

Political reporting: General Elections in India: May 2004

Rajasthan: SikarChuruJaipur

Its festival time at Akbar Road


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